Google Shakes Up The Local Results: Again!!

When I read the news today about google shaking up the local maps listing again it came as so bit surpise. In my ment Google has wanted to sweeze the local “lead gen” sites out of the ranking in favor of getting better positioning for their AdWords.

For this i will be referencing this blog post…

Local SEO specialist Brian Barwig was among those who have noticed the ads appearing in the Local Finder results — reached after clicking “More places” from a local three-pack in the main Google search results.

The addition of the ads (more than one ad can display) in the Local Finder results means retailers and service providers that aren’t featured in the local three-pack have a new way of getting to the top of the results if users click through to see more listings. (It also means another haven for organic listings has been infiltrated with advertising.) Source:

This became a hot topic of conversation at this years SWSX. As local marketer look further and further down the barrel of a gun and need to but adword. SEO legond Bruce Clay chimed in at a recent event:

Creating Better Ad Copy: PPC Problem-Solving for B2B B2C was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips. There are more than 1.2 million advertisers in the Google Search Network. With so many business and brands competing to show up in paid search ads, how can you stand out? Standing out is something search engine marketing leaders Pauline Jakober, Virginia Tonning and Marty Weintraub spend a lot of time thinking about.

New even traditional black hatters like Semantic Mastery have been singing the praises of adswords and acting like they are some try of expert, when they ore still really just getting thier feet wet. Check out the video at the top of this post!

They have even released and adwords type traing programs so that they will not be crushed under the weight of what is coming down the pike. My boss has me reviewing thier latest release Local KingPin and I was expecting tpo ve done by now but like other products from these guys it has turned into a monster and I stall haved finalized my review but so far so, so good.

My boss posted a pterry good overview and is helping me get through this giant traing course.

Local KingPin Review Of The Member Area Training from Jason Quinlan on Vimeo.

Looks for the finalized version in the coming days. Ok, I gotta get back to work