Google SEO Week Round-Up

How Long Does Link Building Take to Influence Rankings?

seo news for 2nd week september

Of course, you have to think of this source of the news. The cornerstone of the Google algorithm scores PageRank. While covering the years Page rank may no longer be shown two webmasters there is certainly no doubt that you were going to have a harder time doing something without links than with them. Even mass link building with tools like GSA still have their time and place as long as the links are not pointing toward the money site.

MOZ had a different take:

Kledzik’s study was on a moderately large site with roughly 200K pages and focused on moderately difficult keyword rankings. She correctly points out that with a multiplicity of variables, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the impact of any given ranking factor (such as a link).”

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It has come to the point where competitors will build spammy backlinks, just to to remote sites and ahead of them.

Thus, creating the need for Google to do flyers a disavowal links tool.

Even though, they may try to put it behind them; Pagerank is the foundation of the Google algorithm and without it, they would not be the largest technology company in the world without links because like a democracy, they count as votes.. While they may continue to find ways to dampen the effects free links and thin content, it’s just like taking the engine out of a car. You can do it, but you’re not going to be going anywhere.

Link building isn’t dead Google and even better at finding, demoting and even penalizing links coming from bad neighborhoods. and I have use search factors as Time a visitor spends on the side and click through rate which is also being manipulated by the SEO Community

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