Google Issues Warning About Itself / Twitter Stock Takes A Dump

Update Google Chrome to minimise security risks

For a company whose motto has shifted from a “don’t be evil” to “There’s nothing to see here.” Google announced that there were some security flaws and the latest version of Chrome.

4 October 2016 – Google has released an update for its widely used Chrome browser that includes three fixes for security flaws. You are advised to update to Chrome version 53.0.2785.143 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Security updates address vulnerabilities in computer systems that remote attackers can otherwise use to gain access to devices, or information such as online banking details. A vulnerability is a weakness that can leave a computer and its systems open to attack. Attacks can be carried out a number of ways, including through malicious software (malware) such as viruses and spyware that can monitor a users’ activity on a computer and stop systems operating properly.

Stay Smart Online recommends that, wherever possible, you enable functions that allow security updates to be automatically applied when they become available. Information on automating updates is available here. Automatic updates minimise the risk of you delaying or forgetting to apply an update, and help restrict the ability of attackers to gain control of your computer and sensitive personal and financial data.

google twitter bromance

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Twitter Stock takes a dump on the news Google would not be placing a bid to buy the company. Honestly, I already thought that Google already owned Twitter because they quietly allowed Google access to “the firehose” — meaning that all Twitter data was now for sale to Google and you had a better bet they were buying.

Unfortunate news, but I believe it is only a bluff. I doubled down on my Twitter stock just after hearing about the firehose deal. Oh well, it should only make Twitter stock spike that much more when Google finally acquires them!

The Best Ways To Use Twitter To Increase Your Traffic

I was reading this article on Twitter tips and found it to be quite helpful. Even though Twitter may seem simple at just 140 characters, it has a much higher learning curve than you would think.

Blow Up Your Following With Twitter

This blog does not strictly consist of advice on search engine optimization. As many of us and know since the advent of “social signals.” I was reading the blog I put a link to below, test it, and lo and behold I had the same results.

A good idea doesn’t have to be an original concept to be one that works, but in this simple strategy of scheduling your tweets in, you can increase the size of your Twitter audience and traffic to your site. Another benefit is you can schedule your tweets at times of day where the most people will see them.

Depending upon the number of people you follow on Twitter your Twitter timeline might move pretty fast, and it’s easy to miss a tweet. But if you use buffered to hit at primetime you have a lot higher chance of getting your message out.

Here’s the method I adopted:

  1. Take 20 blog posts I’d written
  2. For each blog post, write three unique tweets (60 tweets total)
  3. Add these tweets to Buffer, scheduling 2x per day for 30 days

Here are the charts for the major time zones in Europe and Africa.


Most Popular Time to Tweet Europe

(Note: The London (GMT) time zone used to be the default time zone for new Buffer users, so our data for GMT is not as clean as we would like it to be. We’ve omitted any takeaways for GMT from the research results here.)

I was originally suspicious of Buffer APP as a way of stealing my hard-earned traffic, but now I have found it to be another useful tool in my arsenal of social media.


William Anderson

SEO Geekfests and LinkBuiding Mistakes

Leading SEOs Discuss AMP, PWAs, URL Parameters, Featured Snippets, KPIs and More

Leading SEOs Discuss AMP, PWAs, URL Parameters, Featured Snippets, KPIs and More was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips. Meet the SEOs is a key SMX session where digital marketers are able to ask four leading digital marketers any question they have. The panel, moderated by Search Engine Land Founder and Editor Danny Sullivan, features: Duane Forrester: Vice President of Search Operations at Bruce Clay, Inc. Mike King: President and Founder of iPullRank Hillary Glaser: SEO Manager at Campbell Ewald Alyeda Solis: SEO Consultant

Are you ready for the big search engine optimization geek fest being sponsored via is the good people at Bruce Clay. This event is not far away holding off until November and if you have a chance to be there there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go.

This promises to be the geekiest event ever invented and if you’re a reader of this blog you better bad that we are going to be there and looking for supplies from Google.

17 Ways Link Building Can Go Awry

published: 9/29/2016 5:55:37 PM +00:00

17 Ways Link Building Can Go Awry was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips. Link removal specialist Sha Menz has a word of warning for SEOs: Manipulating the link game is like everything else — it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. A superhero SEO can come along and save your site, but there are much more powerful things your superhero SEO could be doing rather than link cleanup. Read 17 Ways Link Building Can Go Awry for 17 areas where link building can go awry and 3 ways link building can be done best!

Everyone is on race to cool blanks like it was the nuclear arms race just after war war Two with the Russians. In your haste to build links if you aren’t careful you can trigger the newly updated Google Penguin penalty. Many people talk about trying to recover their domains after being penalized, but I consider it to be pointless and you should just start again on a new domain name with fresh content

As always, I’ve just try to keep this little search engine optimization blog updated with what I flying to be week’s top stories. Look for another post a few days.


Google SEO Week Round-Up

How Long Does Link Building Take to Influence Rankings?

seo news for 2nd week september

Of course, you have to think of this source of the news. The cornerstone of the Google algorithm scores PageRank. While covering the years Page rank may no longer be shown two webmasters there is certainly no doubt that you were going to have a harder time doing something without links than with them. Even mass link building with tools like GSA still have their time and place as long as the links are not pointing toward the money site.

MOZ had a different take:

Kledzik’s study was on a moderately large site with roughly 200K pages and focused on moderately difficult keyword rankings. She correctly points out that with a multiplicity of variables, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the impact of any given ranking factor (such as a link).”

Source: –

It has come to the point where competitors will build spammy backlinks, just to to remote sites and ahead of them.

Thus, creating the need for Google to do flyers a disavowal links tool.

Even though, they may try to put it behind them; Pagerank is the foundation of the Google algorithm and without it, they would not be the largest technology company in the world without links because like a democracy, they count as votes.. While they may continue to find ways to dampen the effects free links and thin content, it’s just like taking the engine out of a car. You can do it, but you’re not going to be going anywhere.

Link building isn’t dead Google and even better at finding, demoting and even penalizing links coming from bad neighborhoods. and I have use search factors as Time a visitor spends on the side and click through rate which is also being manipulated by the SEO Community